Amy Powell, CFA®

Amy Powell, CFA®


Amy Powell is a seasoned Financial Advisor and Chartered Financial Analyst® with over two decades of experience in the financial services industry. As the founder of AimWell Financial, Amy dedicates herself to assisting clients in navigating their financial journeys toward success.

Amy’s distinctive approach revolves around developing deep connections with her clients. By delving into their unique circumstances, she gains a comprehensive understanding of what holds significance for them.

Amy ensures that her clients’ financial goals align seamlessly with their life’s purpose and aspirations. Recognizing that money often becomes a considerable source of stress and anxiety, Amy’s primary objective is to formulate a strategic plan that transforms financial resources into a support system rather than a distraction. Her mission is to empower her clients with a customized financial strategy that enables them to focus on what truly matters in their lives.

Amy was born outside of Chicago but has lived in Florida since she was five. She attended UCF, where she earned a B.S. in Finance and minored in Business German. When she’s not working, she enjoys playing and watching tennis, working out, and traveling. Community involvement is also very important to Amy, and she volunteers for or participates in several local charitable causes - although animal rescue and fostering holds a special place in her heart.